Privacy Policy
GPS Location Data :
- The app. Will not send any GPS Location data to our server  Unless :
  1) You are logged-in to the server & Online.
  2)  “GPS Service”  in “options setting”  in the app. menu is “ON”.
       this Service  is “OFF”   by default.
- Current Users GPS data (Latitude & Longitude) is only sent to our server
  when ever you change location( 10 minutes period) , new data
  replaces the old data as values is updated, you can turn off this option
  by going to “Options” in the App. menu then turning off “GPS Service”.
- we do not store or save all the user GPS Location for all times, this
  facility is available only to our Paid Basic business Offer.
We value our users , we have made this service “Free Account Offer” free for use , to give our users mainly Businesses
And Organization the chance to evaluate our service in order to consider subscribing To Our Paid Service.
So By downloading and using This software in your Device and our “Free Account  Service“.
You accept the following :
Personal Information :
Personal Information such as name , username, password Are chosen to be entered by the
account “admin” to create users access. This data is stored by our server to facilitate
 “cellptt push to talk service” only. We do not Use this information for any other purpose
Account sign-up Information :

For the “free Account Service” we ask for some information such as :
- Business & Orgnization name
- Name of the Person.
- Email Address.
- Mobile #  is not required
This information needed for the following reasons :
- Businesses and ORGs using and interested in our service
- Persons that are interested in our service if for personal reasons
- The email address of (Business , Orgs, Persons) so we can keep them informed
   of any offers or informative information regarding our service.
Communication Privacy :
We do not record or keep records of Voice communications that occurs while using this
“Free Account Service” .
Changes :
We at adcom may change our privacy policy & term of use at any time, you will be
Notified by your email. ,
Terms Of Use Policy:

Please check Our Terms of use Policy at  Term of Use Policy